Gynecological care at IWD is geared toward women with physical disabilities. An automatic exam table with padded stirrups enables women with limited mobility and wheelchair users to receive a more comfortable gynecological exam. The gynecologist performs annual exams, provides contraception counseling and options, and evaluates patients for routine problems such as abnormal bleeding and infections. In addition, patients may be referred for routine health screenings to other physicians who easily accomodate women with limited mobility. Our gynecologist is on faculty at NYU and coordinates referrals to NYU including urogynecology and both minor and major gynecologic surgeries.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Annual gynecology exam with pap smear
  • Breast exam
  • Contraception counseling
  • Evaluation and management of gynecologic infections, abnormal pap smear and abnormal bleeding
  • Sexually transmitted disease screening
  • Referrals for health screening including mammogram, bone densitometry and sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy as indicated

From the gynecologist: "The integrated approach at the IWD is quite unique. It is a comfortable, warm and inviting Center. The women no longer dread going to the gynecologist. They can see the gynecologist but also have the opportunity to receive the myriad of other services in one location. It is my favorite day of the week."

For information and referral, please call 212-598-6429.