Mind-Body Physical Therapy

The Mind-Body Physical Therapy program at the IWD is unique as it offers yoga and pilates exercises, as well as fitness sessions in a relaxed health club like atmosphere. The Program is located off-site at the Rusk Institute NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center at 614 Second Avenue and 34th Street.

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Initial evaluations and exercise programs are based on the primary diagnosis and may incorporate mind-body techniques such as yoga poses, pilates stretches and breathing exercises.

Individualized treatment sessions include:

Physical Therapy

  • Pain management
  • Stretching
  • Strengthening
  • Balance and functional training
  • Manual therapy
  • Aquatic exercise

Participants in the IWD Physical Therapy program will experience:

  • A thorough physical therapy assessment
  • A favorable atmosphere
  • Problem-specific individualized treatment sessions
  • Guidelines and instruction for home exercises 
  • Access to the aquatic program (if qualified)
  • A more active lifestyle