Belly Dancing

Belly dance at the IWD provides the women with basic fundamentals of proper body alignment and natural breathing techniques. When students realign their posture, there is a release in their bodies. Pain leaves the shoulder area and lower back, the two areas that generally affect most people. For those who use wheelchairs and are overusing muscles in their arms and holding tension in their upper bodies, participation in this class may bring relief.

In addition belly dance provides

  • Unusual movements not found in other forms of dance or exercise.
  • The chance to work up a sweat and elevate heart rate while dancing to the latest songs from North Africa and the Middle East.
  • Sensual movements that the women report feeling more feminine, yet powerful, at the same time because of the strength they've developed through belly dance.
  • Realigning, stretching and feeling as loose as a panther.
  • Participants have a lot of fun dancing and leave with an increased sense of self-confidence.

From the instructor: "After a belly dance class a student came up to me and said that "this class has changed my life and I am forever grateful. As a tear ran down her face I knew how much this class really meant to her, and it was then that I really understood how important the IWD is to these women!"