Fluid Movements

Fluid Movements is a combination of various movement and dance disciplines that are best-suited for women’s bodies, including belly dance, full-body Yoga, Qigong and breathing practices which help open and vitalize the body. Veils, fans and other props are also used during classes. Emphasis is placed on femininity, creative free expression, and attunement with one’s body.

In addition Fluid Movements provides:

  • Greater body awareness.
  • Integration of body and mind.
  • The opportunity to witness others and be witnessed as beautiful.
  • Increased muscular control, flexibility and sensitivity.
  • Enhanced self-expression, creativity, and fun

From the instructor: "Every class I teach I leave feeling inspired by the grace, beauty, and strength of each woman in the room. I love to see each person express their individuality. No two people move the same way. My goal for each class is to create the opportunity for each woman to experience and express her true magnificence."