Social Work

Social WorkSocial work is an important component of a comprehensive center serving women with physical disabilities. There can be many emotional and social concerns that arise in women with physical disabilities, whether they have had the disability for a long time (congenital), or it's a recent development in their lives (acquired). Social work can provide a mix of emotional support and therapeutic work, along with referrals to concrete sources of information and advocacy around accessibility issues.

Our social worker offers:

  • Counseling and the opportunity to express concerns in a non-judgmental forum
  • An opportunity to connect with a variety of women who have similar concerns and issues due to their health/disability
  • Empowerment of women with disabilities to advocate for themselves and to build productive lives
  • Encouragement to explore new ways of living with a physical disability
  • Individual psychosocial assessment/orientation to IWD services
  • Individual and group support for the mental health issues (depression and anxiety) that sometimes come along with physical disability
  • Crisis intervention
  • Information and referral to community resources

Upcoming Group Meeting Schedule:
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From the social worker: "By having the opportunity to express themselves and their issues in a safe non-judgmental environment, clients are better able to deal with their various life issues and take on new ways of coping. Clients begin to take on a new approach to their life by way of the introduction of new coping skills in addition to incorporating programs of IWD (acupuncture, massage, reiki, reflexology, fitness classes). The burden of taking on one’s issues alone is lifted--giving clients hope and strength that they have someone to be with them through life’s troubles."