Nutrition Guidance

A balanced diet is key to good nutrition and good health. Often women feel too busy to eat healthfully. Excess weight may increase the risk for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, gall bladder disease and some forms of cancer. Being underweight may decrease the ability to fight infection and lead to fatigue.

Nutrition advice can help women maintain a desirable body weight, improving overall health. Our registered dietitian sees patients monthly. The initial visit lasts 45 minutes; follow up appointments are 30 minutes. The IWD has a wheelchair-accessible scale which helps women track their progress.

At the IWD the registered dietitian will:

  • Provide education on all aspects of nutrition, including the USDA's recommendations for healthy eating. 
  • Design strategies to alter unhealthy nutritional habits.
  • Teach ways to maintain a better blood pressure, blood sugar and/or blood cholesterol level.
  • Create meal plans specific to each participant's needs.